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Satellite has created a better way to train, assess, and place diverse sales talent with high-growth companies. Job seekers launch new sales careers in weeks and employers hire top talent in days.

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Strength in Community

When you join the Satellite Career Accelerator, you’re not just taking a sales training course, you’re joining a diverse community of welcoming and motivated professionals committed to helping each other succeed.


Mentors and Trainers

In addition to the connection you’ll share with your fellow students, our mentors and trainers are there to support you along the way with feedback, encouragement, and role-playing. They have been in your shoes and know what it takes to succeed.


Alumni Network

Graduation is just the beginning. Your membership in the Satellite Alumni Network provides opportunities to continue your professional development through additional courses, networking, and mentoring newer students.


Hiring Partners

Satellite only partners with clients who we know will provide outstanding career support to our graduates. After working with you closely for several weeks we’re able to match you with the perfect place to begin your tech sales career.

Our Community Members

Read what the students, mentors, and sales leaders in our community are saying about the Satellite Career Accelerator program.

Student & Mentor

Caitlyn W.

Cohort 2 / Hired by TalkSpace

“I figured a lot of this learning would be highly technical. But you don’t need to be a coder. You just need to be ready to learn. This program will make the most of you. You will be the most successful if you lean in and you move boldly and without fear.”


Nick Sutedjo

“Satellite is laying the foundation for a successful career in tech sales. Familiarizing Pioneers with the modern tech stack and engaging with sales professionals is building the behaviors and mindset to not just break into tech sales, but set them up for success.”


Adriana Brown

“I believe strongly that you don’t need a formal education or a tech background to be a successful salesperson. It has been humbling to be part of a team that is bringing new possibilities to communities of candidates with “non-traditional” backgrounds and seeing this philosophy proved right.”

Student & Mentor

Christina P.

Cohort 1 / Hired by Firstbase

“I’ve had a career in education but felt something was missing. I can say after joining Satellite, I can look back on all the effort and have no regrets. Sales development and working in tech wasn’t at all like what I thought it would be.”

Revenue Leader

Laura Rennels

“The Satellite team did a great job tailoring the program to each class of Satellite students, so that each was able to feel heard and develop their SDR skills. My experience as an SDR taught me the importance of being persistent, getting creative, and taking the time to personalize outreach.”


Justin MacGregor

“The Satellite program is something I would have benefited from in my career. It isn’t just about what experience someone has or what degree they have, this program is a true test of skill, willingness to learn, and attitude.”

Democratizing access to opportunity

We believe prosperous, lucrative tech sales careers should be available to the talented professionals who deserve them no matter where they live. We provide motivated individuals with the training and access they need to launch exciting new sales development careers.


For our hiring partners, we deliver talented sales professionals they would otherwise never have the opportunity to meet. Our ability to connect local talent with the national employment opportunities is making a direct impact on the individuals and organizations who have embraced our new approach to decentralized working communities.

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