Building opportunity
for all

In just 8 weeks, you’ll land a sales job at a world-class tech company, working remotely from wherever you call home.

Intelligence isn’t just in major tech hubs. Opportunity shouldn’t be, either.


Perseverance, Not Pedigree

You don’t need education or experience to join Satellite, just a willingness to learn and a hunger to land a tech sales job earning $40,000 – $60,000+ per year.

A Thriving Community

Join our thriving network of tech innovators from Atento, the George Kaiser Family Foundation, and some of the best tech companies in the world.

Future Opportunities

Satellite Pioneers don’t just get a job. They get real careers with advancement opportunities, career mentorship, and leadership pathways.

Our mission is to unlock human potential and democratize access to opportunity.

We believe…
  • Diversity is foundational: Opportunity should be based on your desire to learn, not your circumstances.
  • Anyone can succeed with the right training: The Satellite program is purpose-built to help you get a tech sales job.
  • Businesses want to hire the best, but need help: We know what leading tech companies need, so we make sure you’re prepared.
  • Remote work is a movement, not a moment: Live where you want without sacrificing career opportunities.
  • Forward-thinking cities are our future: Growth is happening outside major hubs.

Become a Satellite Pioneer

You getting a great job is the only win we care about. We will coach and guide you throughout the whole process.

No education or experience required
If you’ve got perseverance and enthusiasm, we can help you land a great job.

No relocation necessary
The talent revolution is happening outside of Silicon Valley and NYC. The Satellite program is partnering with future-thinking cities across America, starting with Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Support from start to finish
We’ll coach you through resume reviews, interview prep, and job offer negotiations.
No cost to you
Every student gets tuition assistance to cover the $1,995 course fees. You just need the desire to change your life.

The Satellite program features live lectures and recorded video delivered remotely

The Satellite Community is like no other

Get a job through the program. Advance your career through the community.
Individual Mentorship
One-on-one coaching, career counseling, and mentorship to help you navigate your new job.
Employer Network
We partner with top startups and tech firms from New York City, Silicon Valley, and other tech hubs. The result? You get top tier career opportunities brought to you.
Career Development Support
From ask-me-anything events with industry leaders and ongoing training on new technology products, Satellite helps you continue building your career.

Satellite Alumni
Build your network of sales professionals from Alumni of our program. With our community, you get personal relationships to help you level up in real time.

Starting with Tulsa

We chose to launch Satellite in Tulsa because our vision aligns perfectly to the investments already being made by the city to create a higher quality of life for residents. Further, the entire community – governments, private sector, and nonprofit organizations – are working together to build a more prosperous Tulsa for the future. We’re proud to partner with a few of them, including Atento and the George Kaiser Family Foundation, to bring Satellite to life.


Training Program
Start Date
Sales Development Cohort #4May 3, 2021
Sales Development Cohort #5June 1, 2021




Do I have to relocate to participate
No, you can be a part of the Satellite Career Accelerator program regardless of where you live in the United States. The program started in Tulsa, OK, in 2020 and is expanding to other forward-thinking cities.
Do I need a college degree to be considered?
No. You also don’t need any sales experience to be considered. We are looking for passionate and driven people.
What is required of me as a student?
We look for students that are at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma, GED, or diploma from an accredited institution of higher learning, and can demonstrate time management, communication, and teamwork skills. 

A few other things to note: 


  • All sessions are in English, so students must have demonstrated proficiency in English either via graduating from an English-language school or passing a fluency exam like TOEFL.
  • Because programming is delivered remotely, all students need to have access to an internet connection and know how to use a computer (for basic things like emailing, web browning, and using chat apps). No coding knowledge is required.
  • A big part of our program is coaching-based, so students need to be able to accept and build from constructive criticism.
Can I join Satellite if I’m currently working full-time?
If you’re working full-time or have other commitments like caring for family, our program is flexible and we’ll find a way to work with you. Most of our programming happens asynchronously or in small groups, meaning you have a lot of control over your schedule. We also do our best to create small groups where everyone has similar schedules to make group meetings easier.
What support do I get to help find a job?
Our mission is to unlock human potential – including the outcome of a position. After completion, you’ll be introduced to a career support specialist to help with transitioning to a new role. Our employer network will continue to grow. We focus on technology startups that offer SaaS & software solutions to SMBs, mid-market and enterprise clients.
How much does the program cost?
Nothing. The price is normally $1,995 USD, but every Satellite is offering full tuition assistance to all students at this time thanks to our generous community partners.
What types of companies are hiring from Satellite?
We partner with vetted tech companies and high-growth startups across America, bringing the opportunities to folks across the United States.
How long is the application process?

From application to acceptance into the program typically takes around a week. We will review your application in 1-2 business days and reach out to you to schedule an interview if you look like a good fit. New training programs start monthly.