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Hi, we’re Satellite

Satellite is the place where professionals launch new or advance existing sales careers and revenue teams hire highly vetted, trained, and diverse talent.

What’s a satellite got to do with it?

A satellite is an object that orbits around another — like a planet revolving around a star or human-made satellite revolving around Earth — it is a constant presence taking in perspective from all angles. Satellites allow us to see large areas at one time, which means we can collect more data, more quickly, than instruments on the ground. We, at Satellite, perform like a satellite. We revolve around those we serve. We see more. We know more. We do more. Our comprehensive sales assessment, training, and placement support provides a holistic view of our learners from all angles, which leads to an adept ability to match talent with companies where they will ramp quickly, churn less, and continually deliver impact over the long run.

we are . . .


We create opportunities that are open to anyone. No secret side doors, no special handshakes. It’s not about who you know, it’s about what you can do. We reduce barriers to opportunity and put the person we serve at the center of all we do.


We are lifelong learners and believe in leading with inquiry. We love questions and revel in the opportunity to dive deeper, explore, discover, and grow.


We are leading edge, contemporary, and fresh in our approach. We are debunking stereotypes and breaking the mold to unveil new and innovative ways of thinking.


We take the time to know. We are thoughtful, careful, strategic, and smart. We believe proven results are earned through rigor and repetition.


We’re excited about the work we’re doing and the people we’re serving. There is a natural light, buzz, and thrill that can be felt when we do what we do best.

Meet the leadership team

Chuck Smith
CTO and Co-founder

Chuck is a technology executive and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience leading high-growth teams and building category-defining software products. Prior to joining Satellite, he held engineering leadership roles at Textio, Outreach, and TakeLessons.

Why Satellite?

“As a lifelong learner I have experienced first-hand the thrill of acquiring new skills and the opportunities it opens. I’m excited to be building the technical platform and community that unlocks this same potential in individuals and cities across the US.”

Chuck Smith
CTO and Co-founder
Chris Waldron
CEO & Co-founder

Chris has 20 years of experience building companies and managing go-to-market teams. Most recently, he led the revenue org at Andela where he managed the team through its Series C and D funding rounds, growing revenue from $5M to over $55M in three years. Satellite is his third startup if you include the weekends spent at baseball card shows.

Why Satellite?

“For me, I view it as part of my personal mission to help as many curious, hard working individuals as possible. Tech has too many barriers to entry for someone who isn't from the right college, city or background. We are eliminating those as markers of success.”

Chris Waldron
CEO & Co-founder

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What’s next?

Whether you’re ready to level up a career in sales or expand your sales organization with top talent, take your next step with Satellite.