Satellite Admissions Interview Checklist

Let’s get you ready for your best interview yet!

Congratulations on being selected to interview for the Satellite Career Accelerator. We regularly receive 600+ applications each month and yours stood out. Impressive! This page includes everything you need to know to be ready for the admissions interview.

Required prep work

What will the interview be like?

What is Satellite looking for?

Required prep work checklist

The following tasks must be completed prior to your interview.

Understand the SDR role

Read the article, “Sales Development Representative: What Do They Do and How Much Do They Make?” Come prepared to share what stood out to you in the article? What’s something new you learned and/or found interesting?

Prepare a pitch

Imagine you’ve just joined the sales team for a product you love and highly recommend. Your first task on the job is to create a 1-minute pitch for the product. Write it down and come prepared to deliver your pitch during the interview. We want to see you sell!

Craft your “Why sales?” statement

Prepare and come ready to share your 1-minute response to the question, “Why is a career in sales important to you?”

Install Zoom on your computer (not your phone)

We require all candidates to join the interview from a laptop or desktop computer and to have your webcam on. Please test to make sure everything is working before the interview.

What will the interview be like?

Learn more about the interview format and what to expect.

Who you’ll meet

A member of the Satellite Admissions team will facilitate the interview that will include you and a few other applicants.


The interview typically lasts 60 minutes although occasionally will go up to 75 minutes depending on the candidates and questions asked.

What we’ll cover

We’ll kick off with brief intros and then jump right into the interview by having you share your required prep work. The admissions team will have some behavioral and situational interview questions to help evaluate your fit for the program. Once the interview portion is complete, the Satellite Admissions team will provide an overview of the program and answer any questions you may have.


The interview is conducted via a Zoom call. Applicants must join from a laptop/desktop computer (not a phone) and have your webcam on.


This is a collaborative group interview that provides a good simulation of what it’s like to train with Satellite. While other applicants may join the call,you are not competing with them for a spot in the program. Your fit will be evaluated independently from others.

Impact Stats

$ 0 k

is the ave. annual income recent Satellite grads are making

0 %

of Satellite students self-report as non-white

0 %

of Satellite students have less than 2 years of sales experience

What is Satellite looking for?

There are a variety of things we look for when evaluating whether an applicant is the right fit for the Satellite Career Accelerator. Here are four traits we’re always looking for.


A person who is reliable is consistently demonstrating their trustworthiness. They are responsive, professional, and thoughtful in their communications with impeccable follow through and attention to detail. Reliability plays an important role in our ability to cultivate trust, which is a critical skill for an SDR or any sales position.

Self awareness

A person with strong self awareness is attuned to their own internal thoughts, feelings, and emotions while also being conscientious of how their actions affect and/or are perceived externally by others. Being self aware allows us to take responsibility for our contributions and learn from them — when things go right, and when they go wrong. The ability to continually learn through doing and grow and evolve is an important skill for an SDR.


A curious person is highly motivated to gain deeper understanding and to learn something new. People who are curious tend to ask questions. Inquiry is a great way to learn more and also an effective way to create stronger relationships. Curious individuals make fantastic SDRs as they use their desire to learn to continue growing themselves while also drawing closer to those around them.

Comfort with ambiguity

Change is one of the only certainties we have in life. A person who is comfortable with ambiguity can anticipate and prepare for change, effectively progress without knowledge of every last detail, and then appropriately adapt to their new circumstance. Successful SDRs are adept at managing ambiguity and able to productively push forward despite having incomplete information.


The Satellite team is here to support you as you prepare for your interview. Please reach out if you have questions.

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