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3 showstopper traits we look for in SDR & BDR applicants

Team Satellite
December 9, 2021

You’re looking at making a change in your life and launching a dynamic new career in tech sales. That’s fantastic! Our Tech Sales Bootcamp is a great place to start your journey off right and we’d love to see you apply to join our next cohort.

There are a lot of different things that we consider during the application process and lots of reasons you might stand out as a candidate. Ultimately, there are three traits in particular that we’ve found are a great indicator of someone’s fit for our program and a tech sales career. Take a peek behind the scenes and find out what these key traits are and how you can show them off during the application process:


Are you responding to any communications from our team promptly and professionally? You don’t have to sound like a robot or reply within seconds of receiving a note from us. In fact, we’d really rather you didn’t. We want you to sound like yourself and we want you to reply when you’ve had time to consider your response fully and when it makes sense for you to reply (we know what it’s like to have a busy life!).

But why not sound like the most polished version of you? Responding politely and appropriately to communications, responding within a reasonable amount of time to all communications, and even arriving to calls or meetings on time, all shows us that you’re excited to be here and serious about entering the world of tech sales. We’re excited to have you here, we want to know you’re excited too!

This skill is also critical in a tech sales role, where being responsive, thoughtful, and thorough may be the difference between winning and losing that big client.

Self Awareness

We know you know who you are. You’ve probably had to introduce yourself to others in various contexts hundreds of times by now and let’s be honest, you’ve had a long time to get to know you. Self awareness takes things a step beyond knowing your favorite hobbies, life history, interests, likes/dislikes, etc. The self awareness we look for in candidates involves being actively aware of your own actions, character, feelings and motivations and having a desire to reflect on and learn from these aspects of yourself in social contexts.

This quality is important because it is what allows us to take responsibility for our contributions when things go right, and when they go wrong. Things will go wrong sometimes but examining our errors is how we learn, and learning is what Satellite is all about!


All of us here at Satellite firmly believe that a healthy dose of curiosity is an essential ingredient for learning, growth, and innovation. We want to see you embrace your curiosity. Ask us every question you have. Look at content like our “What’s a career in sales really like?” blog, to learn more about if tech sales and bootcamp is really right for you. Research the industry.

You don’t need to have all the answers when you apply for our program. You don’t need to have all the answers ever, even after graduation. But that desire to look for and pursue answers? That drive to ask questions? That’s one way we know you’ll make the most of your time in bootcamp, soaking up all you can.

It’s also an indication you’ll go on to do great things in your job placement after graduation. Asking questions at work, wondering if there is a better way to do things, or if a crazy idea you thought up might work, is how some of the most impressive innovations come to be, and every employer wants someone who is engaged with their company, their work, their customers, and actively excited about making things better for everyone.

Joining Satellite’s Tech Sales Bootcamp is an investment in your future, a first step onto a brand new path. In fact, we aren’t the only ones who look for reliability, self awareness, and curiosity. All these same traits will be a “must have” for future employers too.

Do these traits sound like you? We’d love to see your Tech Sales Bootcamp application in the next batch!

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