Get to know our hiring partner, Nayya

A lot of careful consideration and thought goes into deciding what hiring partners we want to work with. We don’t simply take any company that is hiring sales or business development representatives. Get to know one of these special hiring partners, Nayya with this Q+A!

Making Variable Compensation Work for You

When researching or starting a job in the world of sales, you’ve probably run into the phrase “variable compensation.” We’re breaking down what variable compensation means, how it works, and what to look out for when perusing jobs to help you feel confident in making the decision to start a sales career or accept a new sales job.

How to pick the right bootcamp for you

Having options is a great thing but sometimes choosing from so many things can be daunting. To help, we’ve created this list of key differences to consider when comparing tech sales boot camp programs so that you can make the very best decision for yourself.

Building a Career That Works for You

The tech sales industry is inviting and everyone has been so helpful and kind along the way and it’s the exact environment I was looking for. I wanted to be able to have full control over my growth. — Alyssia Collins, Satellite Cohort #7 It’s one thing to decide that you’re ready for a change… Continue reading Building a Career That Works for You

Looking for a new career in 2022? reports that 95% of workers have considered changing jobs over the last year and 92% would switch industries to find the right job. Something job seekers might not realize? The Tech Sales industry is uniquely positioned to help fill many of those needs. Read on to learn more about the biggest benefits to launching a career in sales…

3 Showstopper Traits We Look For in Applicants

You’re looking at making a change in your life and launching a dynamic new career in tech sales. That’s fantastic! Our Tech Sales Bootcamp is a great place to start your journey off right and we’d love to see you apply to join our next cohort.

What’s a career in sales really like?

Starting a new career is a daunting adventure. Change is scary and when it impacts your finances and day to day life? It’s downright frightening. Many of our Tech Sales Bootcamp students had their fair share of fears, doubts, and reservations when they began considering a career in tech sales. Despite his unflappable confidence, warmth,… Continue reading What’s a career in sales really like?

The Power of Mentorship with Sarah Adams

When people think about sales they don’t always think about it being synonymous with helping others, but at its core, that’s what sales is and why our team and mentors at Satellite are so passionate about what we do. Just ask Sarah Adams who “fell into sales nearly 20 years ago, purely by accident, but… Continue reading The Power of Mentorship with Sarah Adams

Meet our Mentor Robert Dyer

The role of sales development representative (SDR) is the perfect starting point for a successful career in tech sales, especially for anyone who may be transitioning into the field from another path. Just ask Robert Dyer, a Satellite mentor and Head of Sales Development at Suplari who launched his sales career as an SDR after… Continue reading Meet our Mentor Robert Dyer

5 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Tech Sales

For many people, the word “sales” conjures up an image of used cars and aggressive tactics. Well, you can rest assured that those are two things you definitely won’t find in our tech sales bootcamp curriculum. In fact, the word “sales” is just about the only commonality between traditional sales jobs and the challenging but… Continue reading 5 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Tech Sales

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