Meet our Mentor Robert Dyer

The role of sales development representative (SDR) is the perfect starting point for a successful career in tech sales, especially for anyone who may be transitioning into the field from another path. Just ask Robert Dyer, a Satellite mentor and Head of Sales Development at Suplari who launched his sales career as an SDR after… Continue reading Meet our Mentor Robert Dyer

5 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Tech Sales

For many people, the word “sales” conjures up an image of used cars and aggressive tactics. Well, you can rest assured that those are two things you definitely won’t find in our tech sales bootcamp curriculum. In fact, the word “sales” is just about the only commonality between traditional sales jobs and the challenging but… Continue reading 5 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Tech Sales

Get to Know Our Hiring Partner, Firstbase

At Satellite, we are invested in your long-term professional development. We’re not here to help you simply land a job — we want to see you launch a rewarding career. Our awesome network of hiring partners helps make that possible. We only partner with carefully vetted, high-growth tech companies who will provide outstanding support to… Continue reading Get to Know Our Hiring Partner, Firstbase

Success Story: Dillon Brown

There’s so many places to go, professionally speaking, once you’ve developed a set of core sales skills: more senior sales roles, marketing, and accounts, just to name a few of the possibilities. Recent Satellite alum Dillon Brown is an example of just how flexible a sales foundation can be — and not only in the… Continue reading Success Story: Dillon Brown

Meet our new full-time trainer, Nicole Carpenter

Nicole Carpenter, Satellite’s Lead Trainer, has years of sales experience and a deep passion for helping others thrive in the field. She’s a huge asset to the Satellite team during an exciting time of growth, as we kick off our 7th Bootcamp cohort and continue to build our employee network of companies who are eager… Continue reading Meet our new full-time trainer, Nicole Carpenter

Success Story: Christina Parker

Christina will always hold a very special place in the Satellite community. A member of our first cohort, she was also the first Satellite graduate and the first alum to be placed in an exciting sales role at a tech company. These days, she’s quite busy crushing her quota as a business development representative at Firstbase,… Continue reading Success Story: Christina Parker

Navigating a career change after burnout

Burnout, the physical and mental exhaustion that stems from too many demands, and too little satisfaction, in the workplace, is real — so much that medical professionals now consider it a distinct diagnosis. And if you’re experiencing any of the telltale symptoms of burnout — frequently becoming sick, feeling negative about your work, neglecting your own… Continue reading Navigating a career change after burnout

How to Thrive in a Remote Career

The popularity of remote work was rising steadily long before COVID. A 2019 survey from Owl Labs found that over 62% of employed Americans engaged in remote work that year, and in another 2017 study, 74% of North America-based office workers said that they would quit their job to work for another company where they could work remotely,… Continue reading How to Thrive in a Remote Career

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