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From SDR to Account Manager in 16 months

Tracee Aliotti
September 26, 2022

Satellite Talent, Michael, broke into tech sales and more than doubled his annual income in less than a year. Read on to learn more about his experience.

After college Michael was living in Tulsa, Oklahoma working as an account executive for an electric vehicle charging station company. He liked the company and enjoyed his colleagues, but felt stuck from a career and income growth perspective.

I wasn’t making great money. I had no career path.

I was interested in tech sales and all that it affords — competitive pay, remote work, high-growth environment, contemporary culture — but I wasn’t sure how to break in.
Michael L., Satellite Certified Talent

Michael started putting his feelers out for new opportunities. He applied for sales development roles, but wasn’t getting callbacks from the high-growth companies he wanted to work for.

I had some sales experience, but it was more sales-adjacent. Plus — SDR job postings literally get hundreds of applicants. Even though I know I’m smart enough and disciplined enough to pick the skills up quickly, there was nothing helping my application stand out to hiring managers.

A friend referred Michael to Satellite, a sales career accelerator program that trains, prepares, and places professionals in SDR roles with high-growth tech companies.

My first thought after taking a closer look at Satellite was, ‘this is too good to be true, so what’s the catch?'
Michael L., Satellite Certified Talent

The training is designed and delivered by sales leaders and free. I’d heard of similar programs, but they all required an upfront tuition and/or income share agreement. After I felt satisfied that this wasn’t a scam and there was no catch, it was an easy ‘yes’ for me.

Michael applied and was accepted to the 6-week, fully online program, which requires between 12-15 hours of coursework and attendance at live sessions per week.

The online format, virtual meetings, and weekly time commitment made it possible for me to continue working while I trained. The learning took place in small groups, which made it easier to get one-on-one support from the trainers and coaches while also connecting with, learning from, and getting to know my fellow learners in the program. I still connect with my mentor to this day.

Michael accepted his first SDR role just one month after completing the Satellite Career Accelerator program.

I was able to put my Satellite training to full use right away.
Michael L., Satellite Certified Talent

The SDR interview process was a snap thanks to practice, guidance, and support from my mentor. One thing I’ve learned is that interviewing is really just telling a story about yourself and then backing up what you say with proof. Satellite was and continues to be a proof point for my commitment to professional growth. It helps me stand out.

Getting the job has only been the very beginning of Michael’s sales career success. He started in an enterprise sales development role, at the high-growth SaaS company GitLab, and has been promoted two times in just 16 months, which is no surprise since he continually hits 100% of his monthly quota. Today Michael serves as an Enterprise Account Manager and has his eyes set on advancing to an Enterprise Account Executive. He’s also continued to support the Satellite Community by participating as an SDR mentor.

GitLab is the high-growth, exciting, and rewarding company I was hoping to find when I initially started my job search. They have an incredible brand, phenomenal work environment, and supportive culture.

Today I’ve increased my income, been promoted, and have a job I love with great benefits, perks, and opportunities for advancement.
Michael L., Satellite Certified Talent

I went into this knowing what I wanted. I had the raw skills and drive to achieve my goals. I was ready to climb. Satellite gave me a ladder.

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Whether you’re looking to advance a sales career or build an all-star go-to-market team, make your next move the most impactful one yet, with Satellite.
Article Author
Tracee Aliotti
Tracee leads the marketing program at Satellite. She is an executive level marketing leader with expertise in building scalable marketing programs within edtech and B2B/B2C SaaS markets for both startup and mature brands. While her career has granted her experience in most marketing disciplines, her passion is brand strategy, positioning, and storytelling. She has a talent for distilling down core brand components, creating processes and plans, aligning teams and tools for effective execution, and developing strategies that showcase market dominance while allowing customers to engage in meaningful and memorable ways.

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