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April 21, 2022

A lot of careful consideration and thought goes into deciding what hiring partners we want to work with. We don’t simply take any company that is hiring sales or business development representatives. We partner with companies that provide an environment where it is easy for new-to-tech sales reps to really thrive in their new careers, companies who are ready and dedicated to continuing coaching and supporting our graduates. In the best companies, this support goes far beyond simply a good base salary supported by additional variable compensation. It includes the benefits and team support that make tech sales a sustainable and enjoyable career path.

In short, we look for companies like Nayya! We sat down with some of their team this week to ask them some questions and give you a close-up look at what they are like, what they look for, and what it takes to excel in the world of tech sales.

What makes Nayya an awesome place to start a career in tech sales?

Nayya is an incredibly fast-growing start-up (we grew our revenue 7X from 2020 to 2021) with an incredibly important mission – to harness the world’s data to give people financial peace on their best days, and confidence on their worst. Not only will you have the opportunity to get great Tech Sales experience at Nayya, you’ll feel good about showing up to work! Plus, you’ll have access to our products, Choose and Use, so you’ll be learning how to make good decisions about your health and wealth every day.

Why did you choose to partner with Satellite to find Sales Development Representative (SDR) talent?

In looking to scale up our new in-house BDR team as efficiently as possible, we were hoping to land a few SDRs who were a little more “seasoned” or “trained” than a typical brand-new rep would be. After hearing about the Satellite training program / bootcamp, we figured we’d evaluate their talent pool alongside some other external candidates… and we ended up hiring 5 people!

What’s stood out to you about the Satellite graduates you’ve interviewed and hired so far?

The Satellite graduates are sharp and ask great questions. Because of the Satellite training program, their breadth of sales knowledge is more extensive than some of the other reps we’ve hired who have yet to participate in a sales bootcamp. It’s clear that they understand “what to do,” and now it’s truly up to our internal management team to coach them up to speed!

What do you look for in potential SDR hires?

We are looking for ambitious, mission-driven achievers, who understand that in order to change the world, you have to be willing to hustle. We don’t need you to have a long resume of sales experience, but what you do have is a large desire to excel.

Our values are absolutely integral to our success:

1. The consumer is our North Star

2. We face challenges with moxie

3. We grow through more feedback

4. We empower creative thinking

5. We act quickly, learn and adapt

People who succeed at Nayya internalize and embody these values every day.

What advice would you offer to someone aspiring to begin a career in tech?

To someone aspiring to begin a career in tech, we’d say: never stop looking for opportunities to learn. In a field that is constantly innovating and evolving, there are always new things to learn and ways to grow both personally and professionally. Continue to ask questions and remain fearless – be prepared to move quickly and grow a ton in a short amount of time.

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