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Making a successful pivot from a banking career to break into tech sales

Tracee Aliotti
September 26, 2022

Making a career change can be a big and difficult decision, especially when you’ve invested significant time into your current path. Learn how Satellite Talent, Dan, faced this turning point and successfully changed his professional trajectory by launching a career in sales.

Dan was leading a successful career as a senior vice president for a well-known commercial bank.

The work he was doing was primarily customer experience focused, but also had some sales aspects to it. He’d been in banking for pretty much his entire professional life, it was all he knew, and he was ready for a change.

I was just burned out and ready for something new.
Dan C., former banker now BDR, Satellite Certified Talent

I got my start in banking and did well, but couldn’t shake this feeling that there was something more out there for me. My partner and I were getting ready to make a big move, so the timing was right for a professional change as well. I spent four months applying for sales jobs and could not get an interview. That’s when a friend referred me to Satellite.

Satellite was not what Dan was looking for — he was looking for a job, not training, but as he learned more about the placement aspect of the program he was intrigued.

I didn’t know programs like Satellite existed. I already had the raw skills to become an SDR and probably could have honed them in on my own, but I didn’t have the network. Satellite recruits, trains, and also introduces their talent to high-growth companies. Once you complete the program, you have the Satellite endorsement. For me, knowing I could get that foot in-the-door intro was a big deal and ultimately what got me to take the leap.

After starting the 6-week, fully online, Satellite Career Accelerator, Dan was immediately impressed by the standards and the rigor of the program as well as the high-touch qualities of the small-group learning format.

The program is comprehensive and they have high expectations, but the support and expertise is incredible.
Dan C., former banker now BDR, Satellite Certified Talent

Not everyone has sales capabilities and part of this process is determining whether you have them or not. The Satellite team knows their stuff. I was pretty blown away that we got to meet and work with their senior leaders, including the CEO, Chris Waldron. Chris has been in sales for over a decade and when he shared he’d started out doing door-to-door knife sales it was the ultimate proof that he’s walked the walk. He’s straight forward and direct in ways that I admire and that are clearly modeled throughout the program.

Upon completing the training portion of the program, Dan was matched with the edtech startup, EdSights. EdSights sells into higher education and was looking for talent with the maturity and communication skills that would win over their academic buyers.

Prior to Satellite I had applied to hundreds of roles and heard nothing. I completed the program and within a few weeks I’m interviewing with an innovative and high-growth SaaS startup.
Dan C., former banker now BDR, Satellite Certified Talent

Plus, the interview process was so smooth because I was so prepared. From the training to the intro, Satellite positioned me to win.

Dan accepted a BDR role at EdSights with the title Partnerships Outreach. He was able to hit the ground running and start producing results quickly. It’s only been nine months since he started and he continues to hit his quotas for calls and booked meetings.

I’m obviously getting plenty of opportunities to fully put my BDR skills to use. Because of the open communication and culture at EdSights, I’m also encouraged and able to contribute in other ways. Since starting I’ve had the chance to collaborate directly with the co-founders and leaders from other departments. My voice is heard. I’ve been able to share ideas and actually see them implemented! It’s inspiring.

With the help of Satellite I’ve launched my tech sales career and proven that I can reinvent myself.
Dan C., former banker now BDR, Satellite Certified Talent

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Tracee Aliotti
Tracee leads the marketing program at Satellite. She is an executive level marketing leader with expertise in building scalable marketing programs within edtech and B2B/B2C SaaS markets for both startup and mature brands. While her career has granted her experience in most marketing disciplines, her passion is brand strategy, positioning, and storytelling. She has a talent for distilling down core brand components, creating processes and plans, aligning teams and tools for effective execution, and developing strategies that showcase market dominance while allowing customers to engage in meaningful and memorable ways.

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