Meet our new full-time trainer, Nicole Carpenter

Nicole Carpenter, Satellite’s Lead Trainer, has years of sales experience and a deep passion for helping others thrive in the field. She’s a huge asset to the Satellite team during an exciting time of growth, as we kick off our 7th Bootcamp cohort and continue to build our employee network of companies who are eager to hire Satellite alums. Here’s more about Nicole, in her own words.

How did you get involved with Satellite?

I’ve been connected with Chris (Waldron, Satellite CEO) since the first cohort and it’s been so exciting to see Satellite’s growth. I recently joined the team and I’m excited to give Satellite my full focus. 

For the last six years of my career, I’ve focused on sales in some capacity. I’ve managed people and understand what hiring managers are looking for. But before that, I thought I wanted to teach. My role at Satellite feels like the best of both worlds, in terms of being able to merge my two biggest passions.

What excites you about the tech sales space?

One reason I’m such a big advocate about sales development is that it can open so many doors. Many of the people who join our Bootcamp feel as if they’ve hit a ceiling. Sales is the opposite. When you step into a sales development role, doors open. There are so many places to go from there, whether you continue to grow in sales or move to marketing or an account executive role. There are so many potential paths because an SDR role gives you core skills that can translate into pretty much any area of the business. I’ve experienced the possibilities of sales firsthand in my own career.

What makes Satellite a great next step for someone interested in entering sales?

We don’t simply give our participants these skills and then send them off on their own. We’re actually able to connect them with employers, and not just any company, but ones that respect and understand the core skills our curriculum focuses on. When you participate in Satellite, searching for a job isn’t a matter of sending out resumes to a bunch of different places. We can connect you directly with these companies and coach you through the entire process. And it’s working —just last week 3 of our graduates accepted offers for SDR roles.

Plus, at Satellite you’re exposed to so many different perspectives and have lots of opportunities to begin building your own personal network. We’re continuing to grow our mentor program, so you’ll have access to other sales professionals outside of Satellite who are a great resource and can continue to support you even after you graduate.

What would you tell someone who’s ready for a career change but struggling in building confidence?

First, your past professional experiences might be more relevant to your new path than it may seem. If you’ve worked in hospitality or retail, that shows a lot of perseverance. Core sales skills are important, but your mindset matters just as much. Coachability cannot be trained. If you have a growth mindset, you will make a successful SDR, because you’re willing to give 110%.

Ready for a change? Through Satellite’s Career Accelerator Bootcamp, Nicole and other members of the team, will support you in growing the skills required for a great job in tech sales. We’re currently taking applications for upcoming cohorts.

Learn more about our Career Accelerator program.

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