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Tracee Aliotti
December 5, 2022

Satellite is thrilled to share that we’ve just launched an overhaul of our visual brand, which includes an entirely new logo, look and feel, and updated messaging. Our re-envisioned brand debuts alongside a new website and the launch of some exciting new tools and resources.

Who is Satellite?

Satellite is a career and go-to-market team accelerator. Our services boil down to 1) premium sales training and 2) easy access to sales certified talent. For professionals, we provide modern sales training that enables them to launch new or advance existing sales careers. For employers, we make it easy to hire highly vetted, trained, and diverse sales talent via an online marketplace featuring only sales certified professionals. 

Why a satellite?

A satellite is an object that orbits around another — like a planet revolving around a star or object revolving around Earth — it is a constant presence taking in perspective from all angles. Satellites allow us to see large areas at one time, which means we can collect more data, more quickly, than instruments on the ground. 

We, at Satellite, perform like a satellite. 

We revolve around those we serve. Our movements allow us see more, know more, and do more in order to help you reach your career and sales goals faster and better.

Our new logo

Our brand personality

Refreshing our brand meant taking a step back and carefully evaluating the key personality traits that matter most to us. The following five traits are those that we feel define us best and exemplify how we want to show up in the world.


We create opportunities that are open to anyone. No secret side doors, no special handshakes. It's not about who you know, it's about what you can do. We reduce barriers to opportunity and put the person we serve at the center of all we do.


We are lifelong learners and believe in leading with inquiry. We love questions and revel in the opportunity to dive deeper, explore, discover, and grow.


We're leading edge, contemporary, and fresh in our approach. We are debunking stereotypes and breaking the mold to unveil new and innovative ways of thinking.


We take the time to know. We are thoughtful, careful, strategic, and smart. We believe proven results are earned through rigor and repetition.


We're excited about the work we're doing and the people we're serving. There is a natural light, buzz, and thrill that can be felt when we do what we do best.

Our color palette

We’ve chosen a modern palette of colors that has been derived from our brand personality traits and will help us stand out in our marketplace. 

Our color palette

New tools & resources

The launch of the new Satellite brand comes alongside the launch of several new tools and resources.

New website

We’ve overhauled our entire website experience making it easier for learners and employers to understand how we can serve them best and take their next step with Satellite. Explore the site → 

Satellite Talent Marketplace

We’re excited to launch the first-ever Satellite Talent Marketplace, which is an online platform where employers and certified sales talent can meet one another. The marketplace is only available to Satellite Hiring Partners and exclusively features profiles from Satellite Certified Talent. Become a Satellite Hiring Partner → 

Satellite news & sales resources

Find the latest Satellite news and sales resources for learners, sales pros, and sales leaders via the Satellite Blog. New content will be published on a regular basis. Be the first to see the latest when you subscribe. Browse the Satellite blog → 

A refined application experience

Our Satellite Career Accelerator application experience has been given a facelift with a shorter initial application form and addition of a short admissions course to help learners prepare for the admissions interview. Ready to launch your sales career? Begin your application →  

A note from our CEO, Chris Waldron

I can’t begin to express how excited I am about this next chapter for Satellite. Our new brand is not just a reflection of where we are going — it’s also a reflection of where we’ve been and all that we’ve learned. I’m incredibly grateful for the many learners who have chosen Satellite to launch their sales careers as well as the revenue leaders who have trusted their talent recruitment and revenue growth with us. It’s because of you that we’ve been able to learn, grow, and stay inspired as a company. You and your success is the best part of the Satellite story. —Chris Waldron, Satellite CEO

Let Satellite revolve around you

Whether you’re ready to launch a new sales career or build an all-star GTM team, Satellite is with you every step of the way.

Ready to make a move?

Whether you’re looking to advance a sales career or build an all-star go-to-market team, make your next move the most impactful one yet, with Satellite.
Article Author
Tracee Aliotti
Tracee leads the marketing program at Satellite. She is an executive level marketing leader with expertise in building scalable marketing programs within edtech and B2B/B2C SaaS markets for both startup and mature brands. While her career has granted her experience in most marketing disciplines, her passion is brand strategy, positioning, and storytelling. She has a talent for distilling down core brand components, creating processes and plans, aligning teams and tools for effective execution, and developing strategies that showcase market dominance while allowing customers to engage in meaningful and memorable ways.

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