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Series C tech startup adds BDRs to keep pace with revenue targets

Tracee Aliotti
September 6, 2022

Nayya delivers hyper-personalized decision support and guidance to employees during open enrollment and qualifying life events. We sat down with Nayya sales leaders Peter Fama, Senior Sales Development Manager, and Eric Pass, Sales Development Manager to unpack their recent experience recruiting and onboarding business development representatives (BDRs).

Nayya is a benefits decision support platform that leverages billions of data points and machine learning to help employees better understand, navigate, and get the most out of their employer provided health, life, and financial benefits. The Series C startup was founded in 2019. Current members of their senior leadership team include Sina Chehrazi, CEO, Dan Murdoch, CMO, Bryan Caplin, CRO, Sara Wajnberg, COO, and Consuelo Mendez, Head of Talent. During their recent equity round, being led by ICONIQ Growth along with Transformation Capital, Felicis Ventures, and SemperVirens, they doubled their valuation, which is estimated at $500-$600 million. As their funding has continued to grow so has their need to expand and scale their sales organization.

We were working to rapidly build out our outbound sales development strategy in order to keep pace with our revenue targets and set out to hire 13 BDRs. We’d been using an outsourced BDR solution, but wanted to bring this function fully in-house in order to cut costs, increase ROI, protect our brand reputation, and overall streamline our BDR workflow. We posted our openings to the typical go-to job boards (LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.) and leveraged our in-house recruiters, but we needed to increase the volume of qualified candidates making it through to the hiring manager stage of our process.  — Eric Pass

The Nayya team noticed early on that they were not getting the volume of applicants they expected. What’s worse — a large portion of the applicants they were getting were significantly underqualified.

When it comes to successful sales outreach, BDRs are the tip of the spear. They need to be sharp. Particularly in a startup environment where we don’t have the time or resources for lengthy onboarding or long term handholding. We need quality talent that can ramp quickly and deliver results early. We were eager to have Satellite introduce us to this caliber of talent.  — Peter Fama

Nayya’s CRO, Bryan Caplin, reached out to his network seeking potential solutions to their sales talent problem and one of his connections referred him to Satellite. They booked a discovery call with the Satellite team, shared what they were looking for, and were interviewing SDR candidates four days later.

I was impressed by how quickly we were matched with candidates. The process was straightforward and easy. Everyone we interviewed from Satellite was an edge above. It was like being a BDR and only ever talking to qualified leads. The candidates were vetted and ready. Satellite helped us make up the time we’d lost recruiting on our own and helped us hit our hiring goals way faster. — Eric Pass

Nayya ended up hiring BDRs from the Satellite Career Accelerator program just as the organization was in the midst of a big push to book as many meetings as quickly as possible. The real test for the new talent was going to be how quickly they ramp and start producing impact.

Our Satellite hires were ready to jump in and contribute right out of the gate. Their level of training and comprehension was incredible. It’s one thing to find talent with fundamental sales skills, but a whole other level when they also have strong interpersonal and non-sales business acumen. Plus, they were just a super fun group that was active and engaged in their training. They truly wanted to be on the phones. That was amazing.  — Eric Pass

While booking meetings was a critical nearterm goal for their new hires, Nayya was also keen to bring on BDR talent with the potential to one day become their team’s future sales leaders.

Our Satellite hires have the traits you want to see in your sales talent — versatile, comfortable, confident, tenacious. There’s always going to be some learning curve when you bring on new team members, but we’ve greatly appreciated and benefited from the reduced ramp time. I’m looking forward to seeing the continued impact and growth we’ll gain from our Satellite Talent. — Peter Fama

I’ve continued to be impressed with the versatility and innovative nature of our Satellite hires. One hire in particular is consistently bringing new ideas to the table. Her creativity and determination effectively motivate and inspire our entire team to keep learning and growing.  When we hired from Satellite we got more than just great sales talent — we got great people with the potential to become our future AEs.  — Eric Pass

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