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The power of sales mentorship with Sarah Adams

Team Satellite
November 3, 2021

When people think about sales they don’t always think about it being synonymous with helping others, but at its core, that’s what sales is and why our team and mentors at Satellite are so passionate about what we do. Just ask Sarah Adams who “fell into sales nearly 20 years ago, purely by accident, but quickly found [she] enjoyed the thrill of the sale and also loved helping others by introducing them to services to make their lives easier.”

Now, Sarah is continuing to help others by becoming a mentor here at Satellite. Our mentors are an integral part of our Tech Sales Bootcamp and the community that forms during each cohort, offering support to students during the 6-week course and beyond, helping them as they launch the careers of their dreams.

But what made Sarah want to join Satellite as a mentor in the first place?

Community is as important to Sarah as helping others. She’s incredibly engaged in the Tulsa community and “As a Tulsa native, [had] been closely following the remote and tech-driven initiatives that have taken place in recent years in [the] city.”  

So, when she learned she could continue to give back to the Tulsa community and help people all across the United States as a Satellite mentor it was a no-brainer.

“When I first heard about Satellite, I knew I wanted to be a part of a program that helps others to grow and fosters talent within the Tulsa market”

Mentorship is a must when it comes to building a strong career in tech sales

One of our favorite things about the tech sales world is the fast paced and innovative environment. We get to see our students help change the future by putting cutting edge solutions to chronic problems into clients’ hands and by working with and supporting the teams and companies that build these kinds of revolutionary software tools.  

This unique environment is what draws some of the best and brightest minds to tech sales. Sarah, who is a self-professed, competitive, challenge-seeking, life-long learner says she is one of those minds:

“I joined the world of tech sales because I was looking for the opportunity to learn more about the tech industry as a whole and I was also drawn to the challenge of working in an ever-evolving and challenging field.”

As exciting as the tech sales environment is, it isn’t without its challenges. There is so much happening so fast and that can be a lot to keep up with. Sometimes potential Bootcamp participants worry that in a world that’s moving so fast, they’ve decided to join too late and are too far behind to get started.

But that’s what our Satellite community and mentors are here for. Many of our mentors and staff have experienced first hand the gift of a great mentor. Sarah has found value in mentorship through every step of her career, receiving support from individuals and mentors who “have taken chances on [her] and have opened doors to some incredible opportunities.” Now this experience receiving the support of others inspires Sarah: “Mentoring at Satellite is a fun and rewarding way for me to honor the mentors in my own life.”

The mentorship and support Sarah’s received over the course of her career made such an impact that now, it’s one of the number one pieces of advice she offers to those who are looking to start a career in tech sales.

What’s Sarah’s advice?

“You’re not alone in thinking that sales can be intimidating and overwhelming at times!  We have all been there at one time or another. Just focus on improving little by little each day and it can quickly add up to big things. Lean on those who are willing to guide you and never be afraid to ask for help.”

We couldn’t agree more. Building a career in tech sales is truly a journey and it’s why we built Satellite’s Tech Sales Bootcamp. These 8-week intensive trainings are designed to meet anyone and everyone where they are and offer mentorship, support, and the skills you need most in digestible week by week chunks that takes the fear out of starting a new career.

Interested in making the leap and starting a career in tech sales? Apply now to an upcoming cohort of Bootcamp and take Sarah’s advice by leaning on our team of experienced tech sales guides.

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