Who's hiring SDRs right now? | February 2023

Karen Saab
February 2, 2023

Are you one of the many sales professionals impacted by the recent tech sector layoff-whiplash? Or, maybe you’re feeling stuck in your existing career and considering making a pivot into sales. Either way, you may find yourself wondering where to go next when it comes to landing an SDR, BDR, or other entry-level sales role. I continue to see LinkedIn posts from out-of-work professionals asking for network support. I love the way these individuals are putting themselves out there and being clear and direct about what they want and how others can help. In addition to messages like these, I also think it’s important to take a proactive approach to networking. 

Companies hiring SDRs right now

Here are 50 companies hiring SDRs right now that you can add to your outreach list:

  1. Classy
  2. Deel
  3. ServiceTitan
  4. Tempus
  5. Postman
  6. Mindbody
  7. Attentive
  8. Dataiku
  9. Mendix
  10. Navex
  11. Brex
  12. Emburse
  13. Demandbase
  14. GrafanaLabs
  15. Chainalysis
  16. CareCloud
  17. Avetta
  18. Birdeye
  19. Fetch
  20. Modern Health
  21. Housecall Pro
  22. Arcadia
  23. ezCater
  24. Jumpcloud
  25. Restaurant365
  26. SOCi
  27. Wiz
  28. Oyster
  29. Aura
  30. Forter
  31. LaunchDarkly
  32. BigID
  33. Growthspace
  34. CBT Nuggets
  35. Crafty
  36. Bluebeam
  37. Cribl
  38. FiscalNote
  39. Flexe
  40. VAST Data
  41. Vercel
  42. Bluecore
  43. Seamless.AI
  44. Claroty
  45. FirstUp
  46. iSpot
  47. Nozomi Networks
  48. Boulevard
  49. Namely
  50. StreamSets

Want to stand out to recruiters and hiring managers?

Consider training.

Recruiters and hiring managers are getting inundated with applications. One way to help yours stand out from the hundreds of others, is to seek out training. Applicants who’ve recently completed a sales training program can quickly demonstrate they have a strong handle on the core skills needed to ramp quickly and be successful in an SDR, BDR, or other entry-level sales position. 

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Want your company added to this list? Reach out to me!

Ready to make a move?

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Article Author
Karen Saab
VP of Client Strategy Karen has a decade of experience in leading both talent acquisition and revenue teams for tech enabled recruitment platforms. Prior to joining Satellite in May, she led client-facing teams at Fairygodboss and Accenture. She now resides in Milwaukee, WI with her husband and two sons.

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