What is the bootcamp like?

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In just 8 weeks we teach you the essential skills needed for your career in tech sales using methods based on the latest in learning sciences.

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Our modern learning environment is a combination of independent and group learning.


This maximizes not just your retention of the information, but also the camaraderie and enjoyment you feel.

Meet the Trainers

The Learning Loop

At its core, the learning program consists of more than 20 sessions, each of which teaches you a particular skill and is structured into these four steps:


Read, watch or listen to content



Join peers and mentors to deepen your learning


Independently work on an activity



Answer questions about a topic or activity

What is the
bootcamp like?

Modern learning environment that incorporates a mix of independent and group learning

YOU are responsible for your progress

8 weeks, Remote, Group of 10-20 other students in your area

Leverage community and “learn by making”

We believe people learn best when there is a mix of independent study, practice (both independent and group), reflection, and discussion with peers. Independent study going through several sessions a week with feedback from the course trainer

Setting the foundation for your career in sales

We focus on teaching foundational skills that are required both for on-the-job success as well as succeeding at interviews. With these skills you’ll have an advantage over other candidates because you have a deeper understanding of tech sales fundamentals. Furthermore, honing these abilities will serve you in a multitude of positions as your career moves forward.

The skills you’ll be learning include:

• Researching prospective companies and individuals

• Cold emailing and calling

• Messaging

• Objection handling

• Sales tools

• Collaborating with your team

• Managing personal performance and career growth

• Successfully interviewing for jobs

Create lasting connections

Community support and feedback is central to your learning and as ongoing success in tech sales. As part of the program you’ll have a trainer and dedicated mentor for support. You’ll join weekly group practice sessions called “Simulations” to apply the skills you’re learning in a safe setting and receive feedback from others. Through weekly “Ask Me Anything” sessions, you’ll also have the opportunity to connect with a variety of sales leaders to learn about the tech industry and the diverse journeys of being a sales professional.

Landing your first sales job

As you complete the program we’ll work closely with you to ensure that you’re well-prepared for interviews and matched with an outstanding tech company. Satellite rigorously vets its hiring partners to ensure the best possible cultural match and support for early-career SDRs. Satellite provides coaching and support throughout the placement process, including help with cover letters, resumes and interviewing.

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