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Career accelerator programs run by top sales leaders in tech. Accelerate your career, expand your network and land your dream job in just 6 weeks.

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In the midst of these challenging times, we’re temporarily moving both the Career Accelerator and all community activities online with no interruption in service. We look forward to welcoming all Satellite community members back into our space as soon as we can.

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Satellite is the career acceleration program for budding talent in cities across America.

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Having a background in sales is not a requirement or even an expectation. Satellite is built for people who are driven, passionate and hard-working. Whether you’ve worked in retail or customer support, the first step is simply submitting an application. Have questions? Email us at

Learn From The Best

Once accepted, you’ll become a Satellite Pioneer and begin learning from a group of top-tier Revenue Professionals who have put together a tactical, 6-week curriculum, built to prepare you for a career in tech sales. Our fully remote program will provide you with the necessary knowledge to be successful in sales.

Get Hired By Top Tech Talent

As part of the program, Satellite matches you with a vetted group of hiring companies, so you’re only interviewing with the best in tech, as well as seeing opportunities at up-and-coming startups. Getting you hired is our top priority — we will coach and guide you throughout the process.

Join A Lifelong Community

Throughout the program and after you accept your new job, you’ll have unlimited access to the online and offline Satellite community. Built to support you at every stage of your career, this community will help you build your network, provide valuable and honest feedback, and opportunities for growth.

Talent lives everywhere,
opportunity should too.

At Satellite, our mission is to bridge the gap between budding talent and the rapidly growing tech industry. We couple our career acceleration program with a close-knit community to create a launching pad for your career in tech sales.

Starting With Tulsa

We’ve started with Tulsa because of the rapidly growing ecosystem. We’re proud to partner with a handful of local organizations to provide a physical space for you to learn and grow in the heart of the city as well as an endless pool of resources for you to utilize as you build your career in Tulsa.

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Applications are open through October 23rd, 2020.

Connect with the best and brightest professionals looking to transform themselves and their career. The upcoming program kicks off on November 9th, 2020.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn

The Satellite Career Accelerator is a 6-week program that requires 8-10 hours of learning each week. Due to COVID-19, most of the program will be delivered remotely for you to participate safely. Satellite Pioneers are expected to virtually attend one, live 2-hour class each week.

In the first few weeks of program, you’ll learn about the culture of a sales organization and the sales strategies that major tech companies use to succeed, as well as the operations supporting them. You’ll learn about how to manage your time and utilize resources to successfully hit your quota.

In the following weeks, you’ll learn about audience segmentation and researching your audience for outreach. You’ll learn how to use the many sales prospecting tools that growing tech companies are using to manage their processes today. 

In this portion of the program, we’ll teach you how to understand and most effectively utilize the many mediums of communication that sales professionals are using to engage and communicate with their audiences.

In the final leg of the program, you’ll learn how to handle objections as well as how to negotiate to achieve your goals. In addition to understanding these topics, you’ll also learn how to deal with rejection and use it for growth.

Landing A Job
You’ll Love

At Satellite, we’re dedicated to preparing you for a career at the high-growth tech company of your dreams. Our hiring companies come from cities across America, like Silicon Valley, New York City and Chicago. 

Dedicated Job Placement
Post Graduation

24/7 Access to Alumni Community

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Satellite Career Accelerator is currently based in Tulsa, OK. Although programming during COVID is online, you do need to be based in Tulsa to participate.

No you do not need a college degree to participate in Satellite. You also don’t need to have any sales experience to be considered. We are looking for passionate and driven people.

Regardless of whether you find your next role right away or not, we will continue to work with you and coach you through finding a role that fits what you’re looking for.

Thanks in large part to a generous scholarship from The George Kaiser Family Foundation, the Satellite Career Accelerator is free. 

Satellite partners with a group of vetted companies, including established businesses and high growth startups from major cities like New York City, San Francisco, Chicago and Boston. 

Typically, from the day you submit your application, it takes roughly 2 to 3 weeks to receive a decision from our team. Applications for the current cycle will close on October 23, 2020 for a program start date of November 9, 2020.

Your Career Starts Now.

More than just a pathway into the tech industry, Satellite is a connected community. This is just the beginning of what’s next for you.

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