Tap into your future workforce

Are you ready to adopt a modern and scalable workforce strategy? Remote work is a movement, not a moment. Our innovative decentralized workforce training and placement program makes it easy for you to recruit highly qualified entry-level sales talent from around the U.S. We’ve invested in sourcing, vetting, and training a diverse group of sales development representatives that will ramp faster and perform better than their peers.

Satellite graduates are proven and ready to join your sales organization.

Motivated and sales-ready graduates

All of our SDRs have been trained in a modern cohort-based learning program and have demonstrated proficiency in foundational sales development and remote work skills.

Diverse talent from untapped markets

Our graduates come from a wide range of experiences and backgrounds and reside in up-and-coming U.S. cities.

Partnering with Satellite is more than just sourcing extraordinary talent. You are implementing a scalable modern workforce strategy.


On-demand sales hiring

Achieve faster time-to-fill with Satellite’s evergreen pool of graduates. They are ready to start now and will be there when you need them.


Lower recruiting and operating costs

Decrease your reliance on in-house and agency recruiting resources. Lower operating costs from wrong hires, slow ramp time, high turnover and skills gaps.


Fair cost structure

Employers pay a placement fee per hire rather than Income Share Agreements that penalize graduates.

Extraordinary talent at your fingertips

Satellite graduates are bright, motivated individuals who are highly skilled in written and verbal communication, drive, curiosity, empathy, and creativity. They have been expertly trained in sales fundamentals like prospecting, messaging, calling, mock interviews, and time management and they are ready to join your remote sales development team today.

A strategic approach to growing your team

When you work with Satellite, you get immediate access to our network of professionally-trained graduates. Your chances for a successful match with your company is significantly higher because we’ve been working with the candidates over the course of their training and have firsthand knowledge of their character, strength and passion. Our ability to spot and recruit high potential candidates creates a strong talent pipeline for both your immediate SDR hires and for future talent development.

What our partners are saying

Streamline building your sales team

Satellite’s hiring partners gain immediate access to the growing community of graduates and their profiles. As students are progressing through the program, we collect information on their performance, strengths, and character traits. We then use this to match them with you for interviews.


As a hiring partner, you are in control of who you hire and when and pay a placement fee when you have an accepted offer. We also offer another hire for free if for any reason one doesn’t work out. Satellite does not establish Income Share Agreements (ISAs) with its graduates or otherwise encumber them with any training repayment commitment.


Build the workforce of the future


Decentralized and remote teams are not a moment but a movement


Scale outside of existing tech hubs by participating in talent marketplace in up-and-coming cities such as Tulsa

Why Tulsa?

The opportunity to have a rewarding career in tech sales is not equal, despite the talent being evenly distributed throughout the U.S. Satellite is taking steps to change that by investing in nurturing professional communities in up-and-coming cities like Tulsa.


Young people are flocking to Tulsa, making the city ripe with rising talent. Partnering with government, private companies like Atento, and nonprofits like the George Kaiser Family Foundation, Satellite is working to build a more prosperous Tulsa for the future. And while Tulsa is the first city Satellite is embracing to build our tech sales community, it certainly won’t be the last.

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