The Satellite Difference

Best path for top talent to kickstart a rewarding career in tech sales- here and now. From candidate to SDR in weeks.
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"The talent that Satellite introduced exceeded expectations for us. This is now the benchmark that [we] should be aiming for. They could easily plug and play on our team today."
Hannah Robinson
Talent and People Director at Plexus
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Start date, 3 weeks
Part time + remote
Start date, 3 weeks
Part time + remote

Program at a glance

3 Weeks commitment
5- star rating
small group
Small group learning
Rigorous Programming

What to Expect

You’ll work through framework and learnings that will prepare you for success in the SDR role. The content comes from a variety of forms, including video, audio, and written formats. Expect to spend several hours weekly consuming training content and completing assignments.

Online live events to practice and build job-ready skills

Apply your new knowledge to real work exercises. Experience your  transferable skills applied to the responsibilities of an SDR. Shape your skills as a modern sales professional with a small group of other driven, like-minded individuals.

Real-world expectations and rigor

Satellite challenges you to grow and live up to a higher bar, develop your EQ, handle ambiguity, communicate concisely and collaborate effectively.

Build the skills and network to land the job you want so badly.

How it Works

The Satellite Career Accelerator is designed for individuals ready to pivot their careers.


Apply to Satellite. This process involves an application and short sample work exercise. It you’re not sure yet, attend some of our events to help you with your decision to pivot careers.


Attend an online orientation and complete pre-work that will accelerate your ability to dive into the projects during the 3-week program.


After completing all the course work, attending simulations and passing assessments you will officially becoming a Satellite Certified Talent, receiving a digital certificate.

Career Prep & Support

The Satellite team will be there to support you through every step of your job search with coaching, resumes building, and interview resources as well as opportunities to connect with Satellite Hiring Partners.

Costs and Dates


Satellite is committed to making rewarding careers in tech more accessible. We do not charge any professionals tuition. Instead we work hard to only accept individuals who are high potential and demonstrating a clear desire to transition into a career in tech sales.

Our ability to make money relies on us connecting our Certified Talent with employers who are willing to pay a fee to connect with top talent looking to jumpstart their career.


Start date

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Cohort C25
15 seats
15 seats
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15 seats
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April 26, 2023
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July 19th, 2023

Weekly Schedule

Career Prep

Satellite offers you tools and support that will lower the barriers to getting into a tech sales career.

Interview Skill Development

When it comes to landing a job, it’s all about your interviewing skills. Our coaches are the best at helping you overcome your interview blockers, refine your pitch, and tackle even the hardest interview questions.

Portfolio and Resume

Combining your Satellite profile with work product you completed during your program you are able to differentiate yourself from other candidates, especially in a tough economy where companies are receiving 100s of applicants.

Member Success

Our team continues to support you during your interviews and as you transition into your first year as a modern sales professional. Our partnership isn’t just a 3-week crash course but a partnership that supports you as you navigate  your supercharged career.

Coaches and Community


Every Satellite professional is matched with a coach for in-depth 1:1 access. Your coach is a sales expert there to provide feedback, assess your professional growth and support you every step of the way.


Each cohort has a small group of professionals with similar goals but different backgrounds. As you gain access to the broader Satellite community you will be able to collaborate, network for jobs and professional growth. We have a. Strong set of norms in our community.

Week in the life of a participant

Released previous work
Weekly prompt
Weekly prompt
Simulation Pre-Work
Attend Live Simulation
Workshop Open Q&A / Fireside Chat
Attend Live Simulation Workshop
Weekly Extension Work
Coach Check-in

Week 1-3

Teach all core skills of prospect research, written messaging, cold calling


Week 4
Bring skills together including skill assessments in writing and cold calls

Week 5-6

Week 5-6Interview best practices, mock interview assessments and introductions

Satellite Vetting Process


Share resume and career goals via application.


Complete skill assessments and interviews.


2-3% accepted to the upcoming SDR program.


Attend onboarding and gain access to first exercises