The Satellite Career Accelerator works — here’s how

Ready to launch your sales career with Satellite? Here’s how it works.
Step 1


Fill out our online application — it only takes 5 minutes. In the application you’ll share basic info about yourself and confirm whether you meet the baseline qualifications for the program.
Step 2

Complete admissions course

If your application is approved, we’ll send you all you need to know and do to be ready for your admissions interview. This includes a small admissions course that helps us better understand your current skill set. 
Step 3

Schedule & attend admissions interview

Once you’ve successfully completed the admissions interview prep work, you’ll be invited to a virtual group interview with one of our admissions counselors. Interview spots fill up quickly — be sure to schedule in a timely manner. The purpose of the interview is as much for us to learn more about you as it is for you to learn about us. 
sign agreement
Step 4

Sign Learner Agreement & pay $50

If the admissions team determines you’re a fit for the program, you’ll receive an invitation to sign the Satellite Learner Agreement and instructions for making your first tuition payment of $50. The first payment gets deducted from the total program fee of $1,250.
Step 5


Time to begin onboarding! Onboarding is an important part of the program and must be completed prior to the live training. Your performance will be evaluated during the onboarding phase, which includes a virtual orientation meeting and assignments.
Step 6

Day 1 of the 6-week training program

Time to get to work! During the 6-week training program you will spend 10-12 hours each week working through the curriculum and attending live instruction where you’ll master foundational sales and interview skills with guidance from expert sales trainers and coaches.
Step 7

Interview prep

As the 6-week training program comes to a close, you’ll begin focusing on the skills and experience needed to nail your interviews.
Step 8

Become Satellite Certified Talent!

Upon completion of the 6-week training program you will officially become Satellite Certified Talent, which means you are endorsed by Satellite as having successfully demonstrated the skills needed for entry-level sales positions.
Step 9

Job placement support

The Satellite team will be there to support you through every step of your job search with coaching, resume building, and interview resources as well as opportunities to connect with Satellite Hiring Partners.
Step 10


Your Satellite journey doesn’t end once you’ve received an offer. The Satellite team is available to help you through the negotiation and decision-process as needed. Satellite Certified Talent continue to have access to our community and often become mentors and coaches to learners following in their footsteps. 

Take the first step!
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What’s it like?

Tips, insights, and words of encouragement from Satellite Certified Talent.

Check out these short videos from people who’ve been exactly where you are now. They said yes to the Satellite Career Accelerator and have launched successful sales careers.
Christina shares her unique experience with the Satellite Career Accelerator program as well as her advice to those who are considering applying.

Christina P.

Former teacher, now SDR
Satellite Certified Talent
Sales didn’t end up being what I thought it would be — especially tech sales. It’s really more about problem solving, which was something I did every day as a teacher. Satellite showed me how to leverage skills I already had for success in the sales environment.

Dillon B.

Former retail sales and graphic designer, now account manager
Satellite Certified Talent
In addition to increased income and job satisfaction my new career in sales has given me a flexible and consistent schedule. I now have greater work-life balance, which means more quality time with my young son.
Dillon shares what the training experience has been like for him, what he’s learned, and what he wishes he would have known before joining the Satellite Career Accelerator.  
Recorded during her third week of the Satellite Career Accelerator, Caitlyn shares guidance and words of encouragement for those who are new or just considering the program.

Caitlyn W.

Former teacher, now account executive
Satellite Certified Talent
The most important lesson I learned from my sales career journey and time at Satellite was that my skills and past experience were highly transferable and of great value for a sales team.
Satellite Learner

Are you eligible?

These are the minimum requirements you must meet in order to be eligible for the Satellite Career Accelerator. 
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Authorized to legally work in the US without visa sponsorship
  • Willing and able to invest 15 hours per week to complete coursework and attend live sessions
  • Completed some college course work or other postsecondary education
  • Have the technology (equipment) and space to participate in the program

Do you meet the minimum requirements?

Apply to train

Pricing details

The full fee for the Satellite Career Accelerator is $1,250 and is billed over three payments as outlined below:
First payment
$50 (due upon signing the Learner Agreement)
Second payment
$600 (due in week 3 of the training program)
Third payment
$600 (due in week 6 of the training program)

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