Discover a transformational sales career, not just your next job

Begin a career path that rewards you personally, professionally and financially – all while working remotely from the city you already call home. Learn alongside fellow tech sales professionals that support, encourage and challenge you in your long-term career growth.

The tech industry needs resourceful problem-solvers like you

As a Satellite-trained Sales Development Representative (SDR), you’ll be ready to take on a pivotal and rewarding role in any sales organization.



Technology is a high-growth industry, which means outstanding salary and benefits. Our graduates typically increase earning potential 20 to 50% over their previous jobs.



SDR is a pivotal role and a great launchpad for your career. You will learn how to effectively communicate the benefits of your company’s products in ways that demonstrate their value and yours, setting you up for advancement in a variety of customer-facing roles.



Tech sales is about finding and connecting with business leaders, understanding their challenges and consulting with them about how your company’s tech product can help make their lives easier and more profitable.

Pioneer Success Stories



Cohort 1

I’ve had a career in education but felt something was missing. I can say after joining Satellite, I can look back on all the effort and have no regrets. Sales development and working in tech wasn’t at all like what I thought it would be.



Cohort 2

My mentor has been super helpful throughout the entire process. He has given me great feedback. He doesn’t pull any punches, but I really appreciate that because I want to get better. Every single week he comes with more feedback to keep pushing me further.



Cohort 2

I figured a lot of this learning would be highly technical. But you don’t need to be a coder. You just need to be ready to learn. This program will make the most of you. You will be the most successful if you lean in and you move boldly and without fear

Modern sales meets modern learning


Sales has changed, and so have our methods of learning. Our rigorous skill-based bootcamp trains driven professionals how to get started in the high growth industry of tech sales. When you enter the bootcamp, you’ll be paired with a mentor to provide you with guidance every step of the way.


Throughout the course, you will master key sales skills such as prospecting, cold calling and objection handling. You will complete independent learning sessions each week that also incorporate active practice, expert feedback and community discussion.


You will participate in weekly live practice sessions with your peers and meetings with your mentor. You will also meet industry leaders and learn from their success stories.


After graduation, we connect you with opportunities to interview and launch your career with our world-class hiring partners.

More than a training seminar

The Satellite experience begins with an eight-week sales training bootcamp, but the Career Accelerator is much more. There is no part of this journey you will ever navigate alone. When you join the Career Accelerator, you become part of a community of like-minded colleagues and mentors who are here to support and network with you long after you land your first sales position. Our inclusive community is built for everyone; we are here to welcome, support and challenge you throughout your journey!

What is the community like?

• You are joining a community of folks passionate about sales

• Connecting w/ sales leaders and experts

• Employer network – awesome career opportunities brought to you

• Inclusive – Built for all

• Welcoming, supportive, collaborative – “We believe in you!”

• Challenging – pushes you out of your comfort zone, requires you to take initiative

Start your tech sales career transformation

Program requirements

• No sales or tech experience necessary; our training program is built to support you

• Skills we look for: drive to make a difference in your own and others’ lives, creative problem solving, responsiveness, takes initiative, strong written and verbal communication,

Program costs

• Cost is $1,999 and tuition assistance is provided for qualified applicants who complete the program

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• Applying is easy – follow the link below to complete your application; should take less than 15 minutes

• Our admissions team will review your application and follow up within a couple days

• Bootcamps start roughly every 2 months

• Admissions process includes interview and professional references

Begin your tech sales career transformation

Are you ready for a career transformation that will guide you down a new life path? No sales or technology experience is necessary — we’ll train you on everything you need to find a fulfilling career in tech sales. All you need to bring is your strong communication skills, a winning attitude, and the desire to make a difference in your own life and the lives of others.

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