NYC Startup Ecosystem + Job Opportunity

NYC tech ecosystem has more than 9,000 startups and is the second most valuable tech ecosystem in the world. The city offers over 300,000 jobs with over $124.7 billion in economic output. Did you know there are more jobs in tech than finance right now?

With an 18% growth rate in tech sector jobs over the past ten years, tech in NYC is becoming an increasingly important sector in the city, with an accelerated number of intersections with other industries including edtech, fintech and media.

Why Sales for a Career Changer

Three to four years into their career many people realize their current profession does not fulfill their mission, purpose or financial needs. People want to bring their authentic self and feel empowered at work.

‍With shifts in the labor market impacting everyone’s job, there is no better time than the present to consider a career in tech sales.

Why Satellite

Although the market has grown and is a meaningful sector here in NYC, the job market is competitive. There are over 200 applications submitted to the best companies for every opening and applicant tracking software will often screen out candidates due to their resume and background.

Satellite exists to help top talent candidates bridge their skills from previous careers into a successful role in tech by offering training, mentorship, career coaching and a network of hiring managers. Here are firsthand insights from NYC based members in our community.

Recent Satellite Grads from NYC

Arielle S

Business Development Rep (BDR)
December 2022
" I was well prepared for my interviews. Even with a sales background the coaches and exercises were valuable to helping me grow professionally."

Isabella W

Business Development Rep (BDR)
February 2022
"Satellite gave me access to start my career at a great company that is on the rise. As a healthcare professional, I had assumptions of what sales was. Satellite clarified and centered me in what good prospecting looked like."

Ilya P

Sales Development Rep (SDR)
January 2022
"I wanted to challenge myself in B2B tech sales (former B2C retail manager). Satellite provided me to the tools to succeed by practicing cold calling, prospecting and learning the language of tech sales. They also provided valuable interview prep."

Arie W

Sales Development Rep (SDR)
October 2022
"I knew I had potential to excel in sales as a former teacher. Satellite taught me how to be an SDR and break into the industry. I recommend it to SDR peers who express needing more support."

Ivan R

Account Executive (AE)
December 2022
"Sales felt like the best option that would give me the same satisfaction as professional sports. But Satellite shifted the way I look at sales. After certification I knew I was 100% ready and had an edge over my competition."

Satellite Partners Headquartered in NYC


Nayya is a benefits experience platform that provides personalized decision support based on an employee's mental, physical, and financial needs.
75,000 - $100,000 in salary + commissions


Nayya is a benefits experience platform that provides personalized decision support based on an employee's mental, physical, and financial needs.
$80,000 - $100,000 in salary + commissions

What we are looking for

  • NYC based talent that has a min of 3 yrs professional experience, sales background not required
  • record of performing at highest standards in previous roles
  • interest in a sales career

Program Details

  • 3-4 week program, online in the evenings
  • Small group coaching & mentorship
  • No cost to you - ever