What Satellite Looks For

Here are four key traits we look for when evaluating whether an applicant is the right fit for the Satellite Career Accelerator.
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A person who is reliable is consistently demonstrating their trustworthiness. They are responsive, professional, and thoughtful in their communications with impeccable follow through and attention to detail. Reliability plays an important role in our ability to cultivate trust, which is a critical skill for an SDR or any sales position.
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Strives for excellence

Success in sales requires a deep motivation to hit numbers and produce excellent work. Individuals motivated by excellence make fantastic SDRs as they use their desire to achieve to learn and continue growing themselves. People who strive for excellence do their best, have strong work ethic, and perseverance.
Eye for self awareness

Self awareness

A person with strong self awareness is attuned to their own internal thoughts, feelings, and emotions while also being conscientious of how their actions affect and/or are perceived externally by others. Being self aware allows us to take responsibility for our contributions and learn from them — when things go right, and when they go wrong. The ability to continually learn through doing and grow and evolve is an important skill for an SDR.

Comfort with ambiguity

Change is one of the only certainties we have in life. A person who is comfortable with ambiguity can anticipate and prepare for change, effectively progress without knowledge of every last detail, and then appropriately adapt to their new circumstance. Successful SDRs are adept at managing ambiguity and able to productively push forward despite having incomplete information.


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