Starting your career in tech sales

Becoming a Sales Development Representative (SDR) is a great place to start your career in tech sales because of how much you will learn and the multitude of advancement opportunities. 

It’s an entry-level position on a company’s sales team—the engine of revenue growth—and is one of the fastest growing roles on the team.

SDRs interact with many different teams and the role allows you to practice the skills you learn in the training program—communication, negotiation, time management, collaboration—and apply them to both direct selling and learning about different areas of the business. The end result is a wealth of opportunities for your career growth both within and outside of the sales team.

What is an SDR?

A Sales Development Representative (SDR) reports directly to a sales team leader (manager, director, or VP). SDRs are often paired with a small pod of Account Executives, charged with expanding a company’s client base by converting cold outreach into qualified opportunities and new clients.

Day-to-day responsibilities include:


• Scheduling meetings with stakeholders to deliver product demonstrations and discovery calls

• Leveraging social media email and phone touchpoints to uncover interested prospects

• Conducting research to qualify target accounts by understanding the needs and requirements of prospects

• Identifying and empathizing with your prospective customer’s pain points to determine how you can help solve them.

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Working together, apart

Remote work started gaining momentum several years ago and the pandemic only accelerated its popularity. Technology enables you to be an effective SDR remotely, creating even more employment opportunities that meet your interests and capabilities. Satellite recognizes that the opportunity created with remote work must also be balanced by communities that support this workforce.


Once you land your first role with one of our hiring partner companies, you will be working remotely from your city for a U.S.-based tech company. You’ll also continue to have access to the Satellite community, both virtually and in person, once it is safe to do so.

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